Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seeing Sarah and RCIA

After he went to work, Lee took me to Mommi's house to see Sarah. It had been way too long, since I saw my mom, and I can't even say how good it was to see my sister. I am selfish, though. I wish she was here all the time. She's so much fun. We basically just hung out and talked for a couple of hours. Olivia was in love with Sarah, she climbed all over her and tried to get her to play for the whole time. Boo discovered the boy's K'nex, and played in the corner the whole time like a shy kid. I got to give Sarah some presents I've been saving up for her, too. The littles got home about the same time that Lee arrived, so we stayed another twenty minutes so Boo could play with his "cousins". There are really good pictures of the day on my mom's blog. I am going to try to get back later this week, hopefully tomorrow. Mom also had a box of BEAUTIFUL clothes for Miss Livvy, and some great homeschool stuff. My car was too full to take them home, so I've got to make sure to get them tomorrow.

Then Lee got done with school and took me home. We had dinner, had some family playtime, then it was time to go to RCIA. RCIA is "Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults". It is a 9-month class (though some churches make it 2 years instead) where you learn about the Catholic faith, and at the end you can have the option to join the church. Though I'm really excited about the class, I was SOOOO nervous. I didn't know where to go when I got to the church, but I looked for Michelle's van in the parking lot. She was waiting for me as soon as I got there. Thank goodness! It wasn't really the first class, just an informational meeting about the class. The classes are going to be almost every Monday, and they are two hours long. They said last year they were only and hour and a half, but the sessions always ran long. Wow! The first class isn't for another two weeks because of labor day. I admit, I am impatient to get started. I would have been happy to stay another two hours. I didn't talk much, but I know I will later.

After the session, Michelle gave me a box of goodies. Mostly really good homeschool books (like Magic Schoolbus!), but also some a beautiful Bible, some books and movies for me and a few kitchen toys for me, too! Yay!!! Thanks Michelle!!

Today is my split shift day. Work for me, then Lee goes to school, then work for me again. The kids and I already did an hour of phonics and writing, now I am going to do my Avon and some Algebra. Then back to work. Crazy? Yes. Fun? you betcha.

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Michelle said...

Rachel, glad you enjoyed the first informational meeting at RCIA.

I remember that impatient feeling. :)

Hope you and the kids can use all the goodies. It's fun buying good books/fun things for other families who share similar interests. :)

Sounds like your family had a great visit with Sarah.