Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Doctor's Appointment

This will be quick, I just want to let you guys know about my doctor's appointment. It was today at 1pm - it was supposed to be at 11:15 but they pushed it back due to a staff meeting. I am going to CWH with Holy Spirit. Today, I saw the midwife.

Physically, the appointment was awful, they need blood and couldn't find my veins, they needed the Horrible Thing we are supposed to do every year, and couldn't find what they need there either. But the midwife, Michelle, was very nice and personable. I didn't feel like she had five minutes to spend with me and had to get everthing in as fast as possible.

They are calling my due date late April again. We will have a big ultrasound in two weeks at the new imaging center. I have lost 16 pounds; they want me to gain 25, but whatever. The baby has a very strong heartbeat and is very active; she had to chase him/her around to try and get the heartbeat.

Pretty soon we will have pictures :) :)


Michelle said...

Rachel, I'm sorry to hear your first doctor's visit didn't go well. I can't wait to see new photos of the baby! :)

jen said...

Sorry they were in such a hurry.
Did they actually do an ultrasound?