Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Shopping

Here is one of Olivia's beautiful new dresses:

And the adorable pink poncho that mommy just had to have.

Here are Julius's play onesies. More than enough for the summer.

And a few nicer outfits for church and some warm things for sleep.

Olivia didn't actually need very much, so we resolved not to buy much for her. But its really hard not to buy clothes for Olivia!! I got more dresses because I love to see my little girl in dresses. I am a little more strict with how she dresses because I am super conscious of the need for little girls to be modest little girls. So if Nan isn't sure of something, she will run it by me, and she always respects what I say. I appreciate that.

And here are her shorts outfits.

Here is Boo's wardrobe. This is more than he really needs, even though it looks like less than Livvy got. His clothes were very, very cheap.

This is a swim suit that he got. It might actually last him two years.

We spent less than $100 on clothes, and it will last the kids well into fall. We got a few non-clothes things, too, but I am bored with blogging now and I hear Lee playing with the kids. Maybe I will show the other things later!

This is just another example of how richly God provides for the kids he has given me and Lee, and I am very grateful.


jen said...

Nice deals.
Olivia is so beautiful.

Michelle said...

Rachel, I never cease to be amazed at the different ways God shows His love for us.

Looks like the kids are set!