Sunday, March 9, 2008

Family Visit

This is Uncle Petey. He is Nan's baby, therefore Lee's uncle. He and his wife live in Wisconsin and are in for a visit. The kids took right to them.

This is one of my beloved nephews. He was in my arms for hours last night, as Jackie came down to Nan's to also visit Uncle Petey. This is the little boy born last August that I asked you all to pray for because he was having seizures. He is a very healthy little butterball now. He and his brother are the happiest babies I have ever seen. Jackie and her boyfriend work very hard to take care of them and are good parents.

Nan is proud of her seven (including Julius) great-grandchildren. She doesn't really approve of us all having babies, but once they are here she can't help loving them. Look at Damien's precious smile.

This is Aiden, my other little nephew. He's two. He's a dollbaby. He was actually picking on Olivia. If you can picture Olivia actually being picked on, well, it was priceless. She kept calling him "Aiden Alan" and bossing him around, but then when he took her books or blankies she just cried. Oh, he wasn't picking on her in this picture, this is a hug. He adores her. He's just full of mischief.

Grandma Sheila got out of jail on Friday. She made beautiful crocheted blankies for all of her grandbabies, including Julius. She also spent a lot of time in a Bible study. She now has three bibles and wants to stop swearing and drinking too much. She has friends who are going to take her to church and she is reading through the new testament. This could be so amazing for her. Please say a little prayer that God's word will find fertile soil in our Grandma's heart (this is Lee's mom, she is living with Nan, Lee's grandma) and that I will be able to be a good witness to her and provide her with the right kind of support.
Update: Poor Nan just called crying because Uncle Petey left two days early- she took Sunday - Wednesday off of work to spend time with his family. Then at lunch today they informed her that they were leaving right away today to go to Atlantic City with Uncle Pork. Now Nan has three days off (think lost wages on a paycheck to paycheck income) and her baby is gone. Is there another side to this story? Maybe, I don't know. All I know is that my Nan is sad and if someone took off work to spend time with me, I would want to spend it with them, too. :(


jen said...

I am praying for Sheila. Do you know what church she will go to? Poor Nan. I know how hurt I would be.

Beautiful blankets!


Sarah said...

You have such adorable children! I think they're actually getting cuter as they get older.

I also love Elijah's hair when it's all grown out and scruffy like that.

Michelle said...

Rachel, I'll be praying for Lee's mom.