Monday, May 5, 2008

A Quick Update

It's finals week, so Lee and I are pounding out papers and stuffing our heads full of things we hopefully already know. But just a quick update.

Thursday Michelle and Kaila came by with a new Futon mattress for our futon. We were so happy to see them again, plus the futon mattress completely rejuvenated our futon. You could really even sir on it before - now it is so comfy. I love it. We would like to get a nice loveseat later, but this will take care of us for as long as we need it. It is a cute flowered pattern that actually matches the carpet, too.

We got the apartment wrapped on Thursday night and woke up knowing we were "home" on Friday morning. That felt amazing. I like the atmosphere here because I feel like I am waking up in a campground. There are trees and birds all around. It's lovely. Of course as soon as I left the bedroom I was bombarded with a mountain of stuff. That was okay, though. Friday I worked on setting up my kitchen and finding the floor. The cabinet space is as awesome as I thought. I do need to work on eating our way through some of the backlog of soup and rice that we have now stored :)

Friday night Lee had to go to work, so I worked through the night, then put the babies to bed. I laid down in my new home by myself. I didn't know what Lee's car would sound like coming down the driveway, so I never fell asleep, just listened to every little noise. Finally around 1am I heard the front door open. It turns out that the alternator on the car died two minutes from the house. Lee felt so defeated. The sad part was, he had gone to Auto Zone that morning to price alternators, and the guy laughed at him and told him his wires were just loose - then tightened them for him and sent him on his merry way. Well, the guy was wrong.

Saturday morning, Lee's buddy Jon picked him up and took him to the auto parts store. They bought a new alternator and a belt for it. Not cheap. Lee spent the weekend replacing it. I admit I was going a little stir crazy being stuck at home, but there was PLENTY of work to do. I got about 2/3rds of the living room put away. (When I am not pressed for time I will post pictures.) I was soo happy when my Mommi and some of my sisters showed up with lunch. I got to show them the trailer for the first time. Normally I would be embarassed because it was so messy, but since we just moved in this week, I feel great about it. I can still see it all taking shape around me and it just lifts my spirits.

While Lee was working on the car, I took a test and did my final HTML project for the semester. Only one big project and three exams to go!

Sunday morning the car still wasn't running. I could tell Lee was going to be able to finish it that day, but he was frustrated. He was actually just stuck on one bolt. He knew exactly what to do (he is so amazing that way) but was just getting frustrated. So we spent some time together just being nice, then he went back to work. I love watching him work out the window. I can't take a picture because he doesn't allow it, but I do love to watch. His hands were black as soot and all cut up from working in the engine. Very attractive :) Finally, he got it figured out and now the car runs better than before. I am so proud of him.

In the middle of all this, Nan called to say she made steak dinner and we could come over if we wanted to, or she would keep it until Monday if we couldn't. Steak dinner sounded GREAT to Lee, so we headed over and hung out for a few hours. Then we stopped at the grocery store, and went home to do more homework.

Okay, Monday morning, that's today. Had a doctor's appointment this morning. Apparently my due date was yesterday so the doctor wants to induce me. Naturally. I was all resolved not to let them do that (it's annoying that they want to induce me for a third time, is that really necessary?? Don't I think that if my body was ready, it would GO?) But then she asked me what day would be convenient (birth? convenient?) and I realized that if I allowed them to induce me on Friday, Lee could finish all his finals and we could have the baby before graduation ceremonies. Then I could make sure Lee gets to go to his commencement. Hmmmmmm. So, yes, I am allowing them to "gel" me on Friday. This is what was done for Olivia, and it resulted in a convenient, quick birth. I'll go in Friday morning and probably have Julius by the end of the day.

Now Lee is getting ready for a final exam in the class he is most worried about. I know he will be fine, but pray for him anyway, so that his heart will be calm.

Thank you to the people who have helped fill in the cracks this week. This whole thing has stretched us to our absolute limits, and its amazing how you guys help make up the difference. I love you.


Michelle said...

Rachel, I'll be praying for Lee and for you as you take your finals this week.

I'm also asking St. Gerard for his intercession on your behalf for an easy and uneventful delivery.

jen said...

We love you too!!!!!!!